Outdoor interactive audio supported play planetarium for science play and STEM education


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Climbing frame, Planetarium and outdoor classroom

Outdoor classroom and planetarium

How does it work?

Gaze at the night sky day or night inside the Planetarium. Orbit the solar system on the outside, climbing on the asteroids, exploring the planets. Where will your orbit take you?

The Planetarium is a multi-functional installation: from inside children can learn about the stars and the galaxy and from outside the Planetarium is a magnificent climbing structure. In addition to this, the Planetarium can function as an ‘outdoor classroom’; the benches offer place to around thirty children. The intimate space inside the Planetarium is a great place for STEM education. 

Interactive STEM playground installation
Outdoor play planetarium

Exciting and challenging

The Planetarium show accurate constellations of the stars on the inside. Holes in the panels allow the starts to 'shine'. The Audio device inside doesn’t need any electricity supply and offers different audio stories about the galaxy, the starts and the evolution. On the outside there are climbing hold 'asteroids' and solar system graphics.The Planetarium is an amazing add-on to any school playground, science center or public playground.

Outdoor Play planetarium
Outdoor play planetarium

Technical data


Recyclable, UV resistant and durable HDPE panels. All brackets and fixings in 316 stainless steel. Premium Scandinavian glulam beams.

Audience:               3+

Certification:          conform EN1176, ASTM Height:         2598 mm            
Diameter:               4800 mm

User friendly:         √

Registration use:   √

Human powered:  √

Audio:                      √

Time lock:               Optional

Outdoor Play planetarium