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You want to sell more playground projects

but the competition is strong, there are many suppliers 

Why is it so difficult to win projects nowadays? The playground industry is a competitive one, where all suppliers offer more or less the same products. All playground companies sell slides and swings, which makes it difficult to stand out. Of course you offer the best prices and superb quality but that is not enough to make you really different than your competitors. 

How can your company distinguish itself from the other companies? 

And you have another challenge: kids of today play much less outdoors

According to a 2015 report of research agency Childwise, children aged five to sixteen spend an average of six and a half hours a day in front of a screen! They watch TV, play games consoles, use mobile phones, computers and tablets. Kids stay indoors and don't go often to the playgrounds anymore!

The percentage of children with obesity in the United States has more than tripled since the 1970s. Today, about one in five school-aged kids has obesity! The same is true for many other countries. How do we get kids moving again?

An old fashioned playground is not attractive anymore for today’s kids

What you need is a 'magic sauce' to attract kids to the playground again and stand out from your competitors!

Imagine that you find the 'magic sauce' to attract kids to the playground again. A new kind of installations that connect to kids of the 21th century. Wouldn't that make you different from your competitors?  If you can find that kind of solution clients will choose for you instead of one of the other companies. You'll sell much more playground projects and your clients will stay with you forever!

Today kids are attracted by interactivity

Interactive installations bring kids back to the playground and make them move!

Eduplaying’s playground installations speak the language of today’s kids: interactivity. Using games, sounds, light and buttons our installations engage kids in exciting play. Eduplaying’s products are stimulating the senses, giving an extra dimension to playing, both for kids and adults. Our products are designed to get people moving while having fun.

Our aim is to connect the world of screens and computer games of present-day children to the outdoor playground. We want kids to spend more time playing outdoors. Let's get them moving!

Interactive installations bring kids back to the playground and make them move again. It is the solution for 21th century challenges!

Human powered interactive playground installations

100% save, no external electricity or internet connection needed, low maintenance

Eduplaying specializes in the development of innovative solutions for outdoor playing and learning. We offer products that are interactive, durable, engaging and ecological.

Eduplaying has a clear vision on playing, learning, childhood development and interpretation. In order to continuously shape our thoughts we constantly study independent research, set up research projects ourself and partner with leading play experts and university partners in a variety of best practice fields.

Children - and adults! - of today are playing less than any previous generation, and this lack of play is causing them profound physical, intellectual, social, and emotional harm. Eduplaying develops innovative, kid-inspired play spaces, using modern technology. Our vision is to create ecological play spaces which stimulate both kids and adults to move, connect, create and learn. Eduplaying distributes its products worldwide. We sell our products also through resellers. Our products have proven themselves for over ten years in many playgrounds all over the world!

Our products

Interactive Cube

The interactive Cube is a true landmark, to be seen from far. When spinned, the Cube generates enough electricity to play endless exciting games, for all ages. 


The Planetarium is a multifunctional installation: from inside children can learn about the stars and the galaxy and from outside it is a magnificent climber.


The GameWall offers different exciting games to test the skills of the visitors. Of course the games are updatable. Be careful not to become addicted to the games ;-)

Shot Spot

This interactive wall with 6 impact-sensitive panels and LED lighting comes with different challenging games that motivate users to move and have fun.


This is the walkie-talkie for the playground. Generate electricity, press the button and start chatting. Tell fun and interesting facts, jokes or secrets, it’s all possible


This interactive game column provides endless fun. Bring your own energy first by pumping the pedal, then choose from four different games. Can you do better?


Our well known Audionetic Pole, with thousands of installations worldwide. The tube can be beautifully designed according to your wishes.

DJ post

Turn the disc, this generates the energy. Put your phone under the protective hood. The DJ Post amplifies the sound from your smartphone!

Audio bench

The is a unique bench designed for the public space. By simply sitting on it and swinging back and forth, stories or music will start playing!


The AudioSense can be mounted on any wall. It does not only play excellent audio, but it has an option to produce a smell of your choice as well!


By jumping, you will generate energy and a randomly selected song will play. You have to keep jumping in order to let the audio continue.

Music- and StoryBall

The Music- and StoryBall is great for kids. The sublime sound can be used to play songs and stories. Easily accessible for kids in wheelchairs.


The KineticWheel has a steering wheel in different models: boat, airplane, truck or train. Hear the pirates or the steam train; ideal for the imagination of any child!

IA Spring Toy

The Interactive Spring Toy has a built in LED light, which is human powered by the movement of the user. The bright green light adds a nice effect to the IS Spring Toy. 

Whisper Catcher

The Whisper Catcher enables people to communicate by whispering to each other from far apart. Kids learn about the wonders of sound waves.


Makeup your own run game, relay or something completely different. RunTime is not just one game, it's a stimulation to makeup your own games.


Any square or schoolyard can be used to play challenging ball games by people of any age. The BallPole is retractable - ideal for multipurpose locations!

Interactive Swing

The Interactive Swing is an interactive sound device that can be fastened on any swing chain and upgrades any old swing to a new, exciting digital level.


The AudioZone offers 4 exciting games like memory, speed test and the BOMB. Let them play and run around and lose their energy!

Urban Spin

This installation offers many exciting games. In combination with the interactive tiles the Urban Spin guarantees years of play pleasure. 

Optical Illusions

Choose from our large collection of Optical Illusion Panels. People of all ages love optical illusions, use them to create a special atmosphere.  

Human Powered LED lightening

Use our power generator LED set to add lightning to any playground. Let kids generate power and light up the climbing tower!

Custom IA Playgrounds

We can realise interactive playgrounds according to your own design, using our proprietary system of interactive components.


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Completely sustainable because of the 'human power' and indestructible quality


Human powered

All Eduplaying products make use of human powered energy. The installations don't need external electricity and don't use batteries.

100% safe

Our products products are 100% safe. All Eduplaying installations are tested and certified for the public space.


Most of our products are accessible for people with special needs, for example wheelchair users or people with hearing disabilities.

Minimum maintane

The Eduplaying products need very low maintenance. Some installations are even maintenance free!

Vandal resisted

We use very strong materials in order to ensure top quality. The Eduplaying products are highly vandalism resistant.

Optional time clock

All our installations have an option for a build in time clock to disable use at night.​ No complaints about noise, even in living neighborhoods.

Referral projects

  • ASTROnomy lab
  • DEWA Playgrounds

Planetarium and Whisper Catchers - Meridiana, Houston, Texas, US

Located south of the Texas Medical Center, Meridiana is a brand new community with residential and commercial development and three on-site schools. Within Meridiana parks have been developed, both for the use of the community and at the same time catering the local schools according to their curriculum. Around the local water retention basins a trail of learning loops has been realized. Within the first phase three learning labs are being developed; the Astronomy Lab, the Lake Habitat and the Force/Motion/Energy Lab.

Eduplaying is honored to be part of the Meridiana project and supplied the Play Planetarium and the Whisper Catchers for the Astronomy Lab.

Eduplaying leadership

Naf Hershler and Miriam Levy are leading Eduplaying's team of playground designers, creative consultants and landscape architects. Naf has a background in technology and education and is an expert in storytelling and heritage interpretation. Miriam worked for many years in community building and has extensive experience in marketing-communication.

The management of Eduplaying is operating from it's main office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Miriam Levy

“A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play.”

Naf Hershler

“Go and play. Run around. Build something. Break something. Climb a tree. Get dirty. Get in some trouble. Have some fun.”