Interactive installation for playground, parks and schools


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Learning while having fun

How does it work?

This interactive installation provides endless fun. Bring your own energy first by pumping the pedal, then choose from four different games. The combinations of light and sound effects give you the ultimate gaming sensation!

The GameRobot comes with four different interactive games. Speed, memory and a certain degree of intellect will be tested throughout the games. The multifunctional display and color changing pushbuttons will give another dimension to outdoor playgrounds.

Exciting and challenging

On a playground children are presented with exciting games. A queue of families for an attraction shortens the waiting time with riddles and games. A restaurant terrace with children playing with the GameRobot. It is all possible. On the playground, on the campsite, at the shopping center or airport, there is really something happening with a GameRobot. Excitement and challenging: that’s what the GameRobot has in store for children.

Updatable games and content

Of course the games of the GameRobotl are easily updatable. Just change the USB stick (disc-on-key) and here you go! Eduplaying provides different sets of games; fun games and educational sets of questions. Children can for example also use the GameRobot to practice their math skills!

GameRobot Quiz: Your content in a knowledge quiz

Imagine: a pole that plays a knowledge quiz with children or adults on the subject of your choice. A game consists of 10 questions, randomly chosen from the database of 50 - 100 questions. The score depends on the number of right answers and the player’s speed.

The GameRobot model 'Quiz' is a great addition for museums, theme gardens, archeological sites, visitor centers and more. Especially if an educational program is offered, the GameRobot Quiz provides a nice test of their knowledge to your visitors.

The questions for the GameRobot Quiz are provided by you or we can write and produce questions on the subject of your choice. The regular GameRobot of course comes with four ready to go games! 

Technical data

Audience:                   8+
Certification:              EN1176
Height:                        908 mm
Diameter:                   300 mm
Weight:                       23 kg
User friendly:            √
Registration use:      √
Human powered:     √
Audiovisual:              √
Time clock:                optional