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A great way to play and run

How does it work?

Turn the crank and energize the AudioZone. Did you generate enough electricity? Then you can play the game using the sidekicks. Do you know the right answer? Then sprint to the illuminated sidekick and kick it. Using your hands, feet, with a ball or whatever you come up with. This interactive playground installation includes 4 games: memory, speed test, the BOMB, and change your seat. The AudioZone can be installed in parks, schools and playgrounds. Kids and teenagers love the AudioZone!

No external electricity needed!

The AudioZone does not need any external electricity; users are generating the necessary electricity themselves!

Sport Playground
Sport playground

Technical data

Audience:                    6+
Certification:               EN 1176
Height central unit:   635 mm
Height sidekick:          215 mm
Diameter sidekick:     395 mm
Weight:                        90 kg
Registration use:       √
Audiovisual:               √

Human Powered      √
Time clock:                optional

Sport playground