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Whisper Catcher

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How does it work?

The Whisper Catchers exhibit demonstrates the reflection and focusing characteristics of sound waves by using two large parabolic dishes.

This installation enables people to communicate by whispering to each other from far apart (10-15 meters). The whisper catchers encourages visitors to experience the wonders of sound waves.

Interesting fact

Prior to the World War II and the invention of radar, acoustic mirrors were built as early warning devices with the aim of detecting incoming enemy aircraft by the sound of their engines. The most famous of these devices still stand at Denge of Dungeness peninsula and at Hythe in Kent.

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Technical data

Materials:                Powder coated Steel

Diameter:               180 cm

Audience:                3+

Certification:          conform EN1176, ASTM
Height:         2598 mm            

User friendly:         √