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Too few students are taking up STEM subjects

Our challenge: to inspire kids in STEM subjects, not only kids who pursue a career in science, but all kids!

According to a significant majority of researchers, there are too few STEM students and workers. The need for inspiring STEM education is critical. There might be enough people going through the curriculum, but there is not enough focus on quality.

In his recent article “The STEM Crisis Is a Myth”, Robert Charette writes:“Many children born today are likely to live to be 100 and to have not just one distinct career but two or three by the time they retire at 80. Rather than spending our scarce resources on ending a STEM shortage, we should figure out how to make all children literate in the sciences, technology, and the arts to give them the best foundation to pursue a career and then transition to new ones.”

Expand your STEM education beyond the classroom

It is well known that students who get degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and who get jobs in STEM fields not only get paid significantly more, but also experience lower unemployment rates than workers who enter other fields. Therefore, many schools aim to improve STEM education.

According to a US NGA report one step that help accomplish STEM reform is “using informal learning to expand math and science beyond the classroom.” Many schools already take science education outdoors. Students estimate a plant’s seed production by using pattern recognition, multiplication, and averaging skills when examining various seed pods. They learn and apply the concepts of area, perimeter, and volume when they investigate how much fertilizer to add to a bed.These students are seeing science happen in front of them. They’re seeing math come to life and learning to apply it.

How do you create an inspiring outdoor STEM environment?

Imagine your students playing in and on a Planetarium!

Look at your classroom. Most schools create interesting environments in the classrooms to stimulate the students. Kids get inspired by models of atoms, posters of animals and flowers, solar system simulators etc.

But how do you create an inspiring outdoor STEM environment? How do you inspire kids to explore and play with STEM at the schoolyard? Imagine a playground with interesting, interactive installations which stimulate kids to explore, play and learn!

Eduplaying develops and sells unique interactive playing, learning and interpretation installations, often audio supported and suitable for outdoor use. Eduplaying’s ecological products are stimulating the senses, giving an extra dimension to learning and playing, both for adults and kids.

Today kids are attracted by interactivity

Interactive STEM installations turn the playground into a fun learning environment!

Eduplaying’s playground installations speak the language of today’s kids: interactivity. Using games, sounds, light and buttons our installations engage kids in exciting play. Eduplaying’s installations engage kids in STEM education while playing.

Our aim is to facilitate  STEM education at the outdoor playground. We want kids to spend more time learning outdoors in a playful way.

Human powered interactive STEM installations

Your Smart Board for outdoors!

100% save, no external electricity or internet connection needed, low maintenance

Eduplaying specializes in the development of innovative solutions for outdoor playing and learning. We offer products that are interactive, durable, engaging and ecological.

Eduplaying has a clear vision on playing, learning and STEM education. In order to continuously shape our thoughts we constantly study independent research, set up research projects ourself and partner with leading play experts and university partners in a variety of best practice fields. Our products have proven themselves for over ten years in many schools and playgrounds all over the world!

Installations with easily updatable content 

Use our ready-to-go STEM content packages or let students create their own content!

The audio content of the interactive STEM installations is either prerecorded, provided by Eduplaying, or produced by the students themselves! Changing and creating content is very easy. To change the content all it takes is changing the USB stick (disc-on-key) in the installation. To create audio content, any plain MP3 audio file does the job! 

Sample how to change the audio content in the StoryBall

Eduplaying provides a detailed (English) manual which helps kids and teachers with ideas how to create interesting stories!

Our interactive STEM installations

Math Cube

The Math Cube is a true landmark, to be seen from far. When spinned, the Cube generates enough electricity to play exciting math games, for all ages. 


The Planetarium is a multifunctional installation: from inside children learn about the stars and the galaxy and from outside it is a magnificent climber.


The GameWall offers different exciting games to practice the skills of the users. Of course the games are updatable. Be careful not to become addicted to the games ;-)


The  Audionetic Pole, with thousands of installations worldwide. Use our pre recorded STEM content or let children create their own stories.


This interactive game column provides endless fun. Bring your own energy first by pumping the pedal, then choose from four different games. Can you do better?

Talking bin

The Talking Trash Can has an educational role when it comes to younger children to dispose of their rubbish properly, and they’re such fun!


The AudioSense can be mounted on any wall. It does not only play excellent audio and tells interesting stories, but it has an option to produce a smell of your choice as well!

Electra Lab

The Electra Lab is essentially one of these 'Electronic Snap Circuits' kits children experiment with at home, but then in a much larger version and meant for outdoors!


The StoryBall is great for kids. Use our pre recorded STEM content or let children create their own stories.  Easily accessible for kids in wheelchairs and excellent audio quality.

Whisper Catcher

The Whisper Catcher enables people to communicate by whispering to each other from far apart. Kids learn about the wonders of sound waves while playing.

Urban Spin

The Urban Spin offers many exciting educational games. In combination with the interactive tiles the Urban Spin offers the perfect combination of playing and learning!

Custom STEM Playgrounds

We can realise interactive STEM playgrounds according to your own design, using our modular system of interactive components. There is more possible than you think!


Optical Illusions

Choose from our large collection of Optical Illusion Panels. People of all ages are fascinated by optical illusions. Use them to create a special atmosphere at park, school or playground.  


Changing the content of the IA STEM installations

It is very easy to create your own audio content and to insert it in the Interactive STEM installations. Any kid can do it!

1) Create your own story or song using any regular computer or smartphone. Add audio effects if you like to make the story even more interesting;

2) Put the audio file on the USB memory drive (‘disc-on-key’);

3) Open the hatchway of the installation with the supplied key;

4) Remove the USB dust cover to access the USB connector;

5) Insert the USB memory drive;

6) Make sure you put the USB dust cover back;

7) Close the hatchway

8) Rotate the crank or wheel or pump the pedal and generate electricity until you hear the new audio

Eduplaying provides a detailed (English) manual which helps kids and teachers with ideas how to create interesting stories!

Or use Eduplaying's prerecorded STEM content packages

Eduplaying provides many different prerecorded STEM content packages with stories, music and assignments. Some examples:

  • Science trivia
  • Astronomy Lab
  • Physics
  • ​Fun outdoor experiments
  • Math Games

Advantages of the IA STEM Installations

Human powered

All Eduplaying products make use of human powered energy. The installations don't need external electricity and don't use batteries.

100% safe

Our products products are 100% safe. All Eduplaying installations are tested and certified for the public space.


Most of our products are accessible for people with special needs, for example wheelchair users or people with hearing disabilities.

Minimum maintane

The Eduplaying products need very low maintenance. Some installations are even maintenance free!

Vandal resisted

We use very strong materials in order to ensure top quality. The Eduplaying products are highly vandalism resistant.

Optional time clock

All our installations have an option for a build in time clock to disable use at night.​ No complaints about noise, even in living neighborhoods.

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Referral Projects

  • ASTROnomy lab
  • DEWA Playgrounds

Ecological Butterfly Garden, Ramat Hanadiv, Israel

The Ramat Hanadiv park in Israel was looking for a way to tell visitors the story of the new Ecological Butterfly Garden. The challenge was to find a creative solution to engage both kids and adults with the story in an engaging way. 

Eduplaying supplied an Audionetic human powered audio player and designed an exciting story with an imaginary dialogue between a little girl and a butterfly. Eduplaying wrote the script and produced professional audio content including effects in English and Hebrew. The Audionetic changes the whole atmosphere of the Butterfly Garden!  

Eduplaying leadership

Naf Hershler and Miriam Levy are leading Eduplaying's team of playground designers, creative consultants and STEM experts. Naf has a background in technology and eLearning and is an expert in storytelling and science education. Miriam worked for many years in community building and has extensive experience in marketing-communication.

The management of Eduplaying is operating from it's main office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Miriam Levy

“A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play.”

Naf Hershler

“Go and play. Run around. Build something. Break something. Climb a tree. Get dirty. Get in some trouble. Have some fun.”