Interactive outdoor speedy spinner with an epic light show with incredible music.

 Speedy Spinner

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Fun, Music and lights!

Interactive playground

How does it work?

Hold on tight because you are in for a ride! As soon as the Speedy Spinner starts to spin, Human Powered Energy will be generated.

This sustainable form of energy is used to produce an epic light show with incredible music. Once the Speedy Spinner is fully charged you can press the button for a special surprise effect! Batteries or underground power cables are not needed.
The user provides all the energy needed! That’s what we call Human Power.

Changing the content is easy; with Christmas play Christmas songs!

It is very easy to change the audio content of the Speedy Spinner; all you need to do is to open the lid with the special key and change the USB stick (disc-on-key). It takes less than a minute and anybody can do it.  Watch the reaction of kids and parents visiting the playground around Christmas and being surprised by the Christmas songs!

Technical data

Weight: 2015 mm
Height: 1025 mm
Length: 2015 mm
Weight: 250kg
User friendly: √
Human powered: √
Audiovisual: √
Time clock: optional


Product Sheet