the Solar Tree provides sustainable connectivity and fulfills the promise of smart-city

Solar Tree

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Sustainable, smart-city art

science playground
science playground

The Solar Tree, enables the best of all worlds. It is an independent platform which promotes awareness to sustainability within the community. The life-size iconic sculpture is autonomously powered by solar panels and offers a wide variety of social services such as:
- Urban information through interactive LCD display
- USB charging stations
- Free Internet Wi-Fi access
- Water cooler
- Animal water trough
- Relaxing shaded resting area
- Night illumination
The Solar Tree provides sustainable connectivity and fulfills the promise of smart-city in an artistic form and is the first platform of its kind. Designed to operate for decades, the Solar Tree is sustainable, smart-city art.

The Solar Tree is a symbol for environment and eco-education
The Solar Tree is a social enterprise, wich aims at promoting environmental awareness and sustainability. Being an urban platform, it is an excellent site to conduct out-door seminars and activities for schools. It can host class-size groups in a shaded area and even provide power source for amplification units. The tree effectively exemplifies the notions of green and sustainability. Children are also exposed to environmental art. It symbol for community, environment and eco-education. 

urban playing
urban play

Technical data
Width:              435x410 cm
Height:             410 cm
Total footprint: 250x250 cm
Weight:            1250kg
User friendly:  √
Power:              Solar panel
USB-ports:        6
Main features: Internet
                           USB charging
                           LCD screen 
                           Water cooler
                           Animal water trough
                          Night illumination
The Solar Tree is radiation-free and electrocution-safe.

science play


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