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How do you attract more visitors?

Look at your science center. Most centers create interesting environments indoors to stimulate the visitors. Kids get inspired by models of atoms,  solar system simulators etc.

But how do you create an inspiring outdoor science environment? How do you inspire kids to explore and play with physics, astronomy or electrics outdoors? Imagine a playground with interesting, interactive installations which stimulate kids to explore, play and learn!

Eduplaying’s installations speak the language of today’s kids: interactivity. Using games, sounds, light and buttons our installations engage kids in exciting play. Eduplaying’s installations engage kids in science education while playing.

All our installations are 'human powered'; the user generates electricity himself, no need for external electricity! 

Use our installations to create an inspiring environment!

Interactive Cube

The interactive Cube is a true landmark, to be seen from far. When spinned, the Cube generates enough electricity to play endless exciting games, for all ages. 


The Planetarium is a multifunctional installation: from inside children can learn about the stars and the galaxy and from outside it is a magnificent climber.


The QuizWall offers different exciting quizzes to test the skills of the visitors. Of course the quizzes are updatable. Be careful not to become addicted to the quizzes;-)

Optical Illusions

Choose from our large collection of Optical Illusion Panels. People of all ages are fascinated by optical illusions.  The strong UV resistant panels will last forever.

Magic Swing

The Magic Swing demonstrates the coupled pendulums principle, where the swinging visitor is coupled to a large weight. People want to experience it over and over!


The iYoyo is an impressive, challenging, fun vertical swing. It is designed as a giant Yo-Yo where the person does the moving. Can be installed  indoors or outdoors.


The  Audionetic Pole, with thousands of installations worldwide. Use our pre recorded science content or create your own stories.


This interactive game column provides endless fun. Bring your own energy first by pumping the pedal, then choose from four different games. Can you do better?

Talking bin

The Talking Trash Can has an educational role when it comes to younger children to dispose of their rubbish properly, and they’re such fun!


The AudioSense can be mounted on any wall. It does not only play excellent audio and tells interesting stories, but it has an option to produce a smell of your choice as well!

Electra Lab

The Electra Lab is essentially one of these 'Electronic Snap Circuits' kits children experiment with at home, but then in a much larger version and meant for outdoors!


The StoryBall is great for kids. Use our pre recorded science content or create your own stories.  The StoryBall is easily accessible for kids in wheelchairs and excellent audio quality.

Whisper Catcher

The Whisper Catcher enables people to communicate by whispering to each other from far apart. Kids learn about the wonders of sound waves while playing.

Urban Spin

The Urban Spin offers many exciting educational games. In combination with the interactive tiles the Urban Spin offers the perfect combination of playing and learning!

Custom STEM Playgrounds

We can realise interactive science installations according to your own design, using our modular system of interactive components. There is more possible than you think!


Eduplaying leadership

Naf Hershler and Miriam Levy are leading Eduplaying's team of playground designers, creative consultants and science education experts. Naf has a background in technology and eLearning and is an expert in storytelling and science education. Miriam worked for many years in community building and has extensive experience in marketing-communication.

The management of Eduplaying is operating from it's main office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Miriam Levy

“A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play.”

Naf Hershler

“Go and play. Run around. Build something. Break something. Climb a tree. Get dirty. Get in some trouble. Have some fun.”

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