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Inspiring STEM content, constantly changing

How does it work?

The Rainbow StoryBall Trail is a footpath going through the campus or on the schoolyard, containing ten StoryBalls, each one in a different color. The StoryBall is a large ball from steel, anchored to the ground. When a child swings the crank on top of the Ball, the Ball starts telling stories or playing music. The audio content is either prerecorded, provided by Eduplaying, or produced by the students themselves!

Large collection of pre-recorded audio content

Each Ball tells a story or plays music about the same theme. The Rainbow Story- and MuiscBall Trail comes with four different prerecorded themes with different stories, music and STEM assignments for each of the ten Balls:

  • History of the United States. Each Ball tells stories about a different period in the history of the US
  • Countries of the World. Each Ball tells stories about a different country of the world.
  • ‘Did you know that’ science trivia and assignments. Each Ball tells science trivia and assignments, divided in ten different subjects and associated with the different colors of the Balls; the yellow Ball tells trivia and assignments about the sun, the blue Ball tells trivia about the oceans etc.
  • Classical Music Trail. Each ball plays music from one world famous composer and tells the story of the live of this person.

Every few months the theme can be changed, in that way continuously giving pleasure and inspiration to the students. Additional sets of audio content about other themes can be ordered.

Rainbow StoryBall trail, your outdoor 'smart board'

Students can create their own content!

A very interesting possibility is the creation of additional audio content by the students themselves. Imagine a project-week about ecology. One class produces stories about the so called ‘plastic soup’ in the oceans for the blue ball; another class creates stories about the sun and the ozone layer, which go’s into the yellow ball; yet another class makes stories about the importance of the tropical rainforests which audio plays in the green ball. In this way the use of the Rainbow Music- and StoryBall Trail can be integrated with the regular classroom education.

Rainbow StoryBall trails - Changing the audio content

It is very easy to create your own audio content and to insert it in the StoryBall. Any kid can do it!

1) Create your own story or song using any regular computer or smartphone. Add audio effects if you like to make the story even more interesting;

2) Put the audio file on the USB memory drive (‘disc-on-key’);

3) Open the hatchway of the Music- and StoryBall with the supplied key;

4) Remove the USB dust cover to access the USB connector;

5) Insert the USB memory drive;

6) Make sure you put the USB dust cover back; 

7) Close the hatchway

8) Keep rotating until you hear the new audio

100% sustainable; human powered 

The Music- and StoryBall is 100% self sustainable; no need for external electricity supply. Each time the Ball is used, it plays randomly one of the songs or stories. The audio content can easily be updated, using a disk-on-key with MP3 files. The production of new audio content is very simple, using any regular computer or smartphone.

The Music- and StoryBall is also accessible for children in wheelchairs.

There is no need to turn the crank 360 degrees, a slight movement back and forth is enough to generate the necessary electricity; therefore the Ball can be perfectly operated by kids in wheelchairs.

Technical data

Audience:                3+
Certification:           NEN EN1176-1:2008
Height:                     635 mm
Diameter:                395 mm
Weight:                    28 kg
User friendly:         √
Registration use:   √
Human powered:  √
Audio:                      √
Time clock:             optional