Interactive science park installation for knowledge quizes


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Learning while playing cool quizzes

How does it work?

Turn the wheel and energize the game, enough energy? Select one of four interactive quizzes:
1. Speed test
2. Quick colors
3. Memory
4. Chase the light

Super bright illuminated pushbuttons and digital sound quality transform this wall into an impressive interactive play panel for almost all ages. The robustness allows installation at unattended locations. This kind of movement contributes to an improved condition and coordination. Not only interactive and healthy but also a whole lot of fun.

Updatable content

Of course the quizzes of the QuizWall are easily updatable. Just change the USB stick (disc-on-key) and here you go! Eduplaying provides different sets of quizzes; educational sets of questions. Children can also use the QuizWall to practice their math skills!

Interactive gamewall

Technical data

Audience:                  6+
Certification:             NEN EN1176-1:2008
Width:                        2650 mm
Diameter:                  1160 mm
Weight:                      45 kg
User friendly:           √
Registration use:     √
Human powered:    √
Audiovisual:              √
Time lock:                  optional

Interactive wall


QuizWall Certificate

QuizWall Installation Manual

QuizWall 3D Model (.dwg)