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Outdoor Musical Instruments

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Outdoor Musical Instruments

Music is a global, artistic language that creates community, connection and a sense of belonging. The primal power of music evokes emotions, memories and images, taking the participant on a magical journey. Install Outdoor Musical Instruments to inspire the love of music and joyful play among children. The Outdoor Musical Instruments are durable, sustainable, and perfectly tuned sound sculptures that enhance any outdoor space.

Aria – This sleek looking 9 note instrument is a non-resonated instrument with aluminum keys with a powder coated steel frame. This instrument sounds like a delightful breath of fresh air.

Cadence - Deep vibrant tones ring clear on this 13 note tenor marimba. Wide coated fiberglass keys play sounds similar to a wooden instrument and reminiscent of the islands.

Contrabass Chimes - Stunning in both their towering appearance and low resonant tones, the Contrabass Chimes provide an outdoor music experience through powerful sounds that are both heard and felt.

Drums – The Drums have a distinctive Afro-Cuban influence; they are similar to traditional conga drums and have a specially shaped sound chamber that amplifies the sound.

Duet – This sleek looking 9 note instrument is a non-resonated instrument with aluminum keys with a powder coated steel frame. This instrument sounds like a delightful breath of fresh air.

Griffin - Producing rich full tones, this resonated metallophone has anodized aluminum chimes.  It is patterned after the Swirl, the warm tones linger for 3-5 seconds making it similar to finger painting with sound.

Imbarimba - This is a pentatonic instrument that delivers resonating sounds. Notes are arranged in a particular way to allow the player full access to both upper and lower notes.

Jack – A bright musical design adds to the fun of playing the 11 notes of anodized aluminum. This resonated metallophone has a beautiful bright tone. Combine Jack with Jill for a perfect pairing of sound.  

Jill – A most colorful design with the beautiful tones of a marimba. 11 notes of coated fiberglass provide the earthy sounds of wooden keys, but without the maintenance.

LillyPad - These 10 anodized aluminum discs have a very sweet bell tone. The Lillypad will make you want to try dozens of combinations. The LillyPad is supplied with two durable mallets attached with coated steel cables.

Manta Ray - The Manta Ray has a magical sound. It has an elegant anodized aluminum metallophone with a Powder Coated steel frame. The individual chime tubes are suspended by a nylon coated stainless steel cable.

Melody – The Melody has a beautiful twinkly sound, with 9 notes in a small but spicy design in the color is Lime Green.

Merry - This bright sounding instrument, makes a melody with its lyrical voice. It is a smaller version of the Pegasus.

Pagoda Bells - The Pagoda is a vertical array of bells that provide lush tones of long duration. Durable and completely maintenance-free, the Pagoda Bells are a calming addition to any outdoor setting.

Pegasus - The Pegasus is a hefty metallophone made with twenty-three resonated aluminum bars in the key of C Major and A minor.  It sounds beautifully. 

Piper – A smaller more durable version of the Imbarimba. The fiberglass bars provide a contrast in tone, to the other two instruments in the trio. It is a great instrument to play improvised rhythms with.

Rhythm - The Rhythm has wood-like sounding bars providing the rhythmic sounds of Africa without the maintenance of wood. Also, a space-saving design with movement inspiring sounds.

Swirl - The stunning sculptural presence of this design exudes both beautiful sounds and visual art. Tones are pure, soothing and never go out of tune. Ideal for music therapy and community music projects.

Yantzee  - The low notes of the Yantzee create a rich canvas of sound for the other melodic instruments to play over. These low tones have remarkable projection like a Gong.


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