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Music is a global, artistic language that creates community, connection and a sense of belonging. The primal power of music evokes emotions, memories and images, taking the participant on a magical journey. Install Outdoor Musical Instruments to inspire the love of music and joyful play among children. The collections of Outdoor Musical Instruments are durable, sustainable, and perfectly tuned sound sculptures that enhance any outdoor space.

The Starter Collection

The Starter Collection is the perfect starter ensemble of sounds for your music park or space. Percussion sounds on the drums are fun for all, the soprano/alto sounds of both the bright sounding aluminum keys and the wood like sounds of the fiberglass keys on the Duet add versatility. All rounded out with the beautiful bass tones from the Yantzee. Adding to this ensemble when budget allows is easy; with so many choices that will add to the delights, everyone will have to play together. This collection Includes:




The Deluxe Collection

This Deluxe Collection instruments offers a musical experience for all through this specially designed ensemble that delivers a variety of sound qualities and pitch range. The Deluxe Collection includes the Swirl in Orange, Imbarimba in Yellow, Yantzee in Blue and the Tuned Drums available in either Rainbow or Green bases with one of four color molded drum caps: Mosse, Yellow or Taupe.





The Deluxe Collection

Everyone can play Outdoor Musical Instruments regardless of musical training and anyone can step right into improvisational play, solo or in a group. This collection of five real Outdoor Musical Instruments delivers maximum pitch range with texture and pure distinct tones that blend into soothing sounds. This collection includes Contrabass Chimes, Swirl in Orange, Imbarimba in Yellow, Pegasus in Green and the Tuned Drums. Drums are available in either Rainbow or Green bases with one of 2 color molded drum caps: Moss or Taupe.


Contrabass Chimes




The Weenotes Collection

They occupy less space and they require less budget too, making them attractive on many levels. Stands come in two sizes either standard or preschool. Surprisingly delightful, these interactive art sculptures work as educational tools to challenge the imagination by stimulating creativity. Outdoor Musical Instruments make it possible for everyone to create beautiful music. This ensemble includes all three Weenotes, the Merry, Piper and Griffin.




The Sculptural Collection

The Sculptural Collection consist of the most sculptural instruments that will add an artistic flair to any outdoor space. A beautiful grouping of both resonated and non-resonated instruments, each instrument in this collection has upgraded steel posts offering a sophisticated look. This Collection includes; Contrabass Chimes, Manta Ray, Harp, Aria, Lilypad Cymbals and Pagoda Bells.


Conrabass Chimes

Lilypad Cymbals



Pagoda Bells

The Flower Collection

With all the flowers having different notes, heights, and colors the collection will look and sound like an enchanted musical garden. You get 16 total notes and 13 different notes with all 4 flowers. With corresponding chords on each flower, the collection fills the air with a sweet chorus of sounds.


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