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Optical Illusion Panels

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Optical illusions panel

How does it work?

Optical illusions can use color, light and patterns to create images that can be deceptive or misleading to our brains. The information gathered by the eye is processed by the brain, creating a perception that in reality, does not match the true image. Perception refers to the interpretation of what we take in through our eyes.

Optical illusions show children how our brain is trying to interpret what we see and make sense of the world around us. Optical illusions simply trick our brains into seeing things which may or may not be real.

Large collection

Eduplaying offers a large collection of interesting optical illusions, which come in sets of 10 - 30 Panels. You can even use one or more of our human powered audio players to give explanation how the different optical illusions fool the brain! 

Optical illusions panel
Optical illusions panel

Technical data

Audience:                3+
Certification:           N/A
Size Large:               120 x 100 cm
Size Small:               75 x 60 cm
Weight:                    7 kg (large), 4 kg (small)
User friendly:         √
UV resistant:          √
Safety zone:           N/A

Materials and fixation

The Panels are made from galvanised steel.The visuals are applied on the steel by our special sublimation technique which is based on adding pigment to a special double layer powder coating.

The Optical Illusions Panels can either be supplied ‘stand-alone’ on galvanised steel poles or be fixed to an existing wall or fence.