Outdoor Smart floor


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How does it work?

Multiplays is a sensitive and bright carpet. It is a checkerboard with round and cross that sparkle in the position of the player. We develloped several games and activities. The game is available in three formats, 9 boxes (3x3) , 16 boxes (4x4) or 25 boxes (5x5).


Tic-tact-toe | 1 or 2 players
We all played Tic-tac-toes on a corner of paper. We find him outdoor in a large format thanks to Multiplay.

Musical Chairs | 2-8 players
Musical chairs is a game of luminescent floor, several circles are lit at the beginning of the game. Players must move to that position. Music starts, the players must move while she spreads and replace when it stops. A circle of light is gone! One player is not on a circle, he must leave the game. Sequences are repeated until only one player remains in the game. The last who bids up wins.

Mission Sensigom | 1-2 players
Concentration and move! Circles are moving more and more quickly!

Dancing | 1 to 4 players
Play your own music through Bluetooth.  The lights will light up on the beat of the music.

Totem -Solar Post
Our totem that embeds all the technology is energy self-sufficient thanks to its solar panel or wind its socket. It can be equipped with a Bluetooth receiver, allowing any user to connect to it to disseminate his own music. The integrated electronic card allows the system intelligence, and has been designed for outdoor use, it is resistant to extreme temperatures and does not heat thus avoiding problems such as condensation. The speakers used are of high quality and receive a signal from a pro amplifier for sound reproduction of high fidelity.

Technical data

Audience:                  6+
Dimension               ​9 boxes : 1m40 x 1m40

                                  16 boxes : 1m60 x 1m60
                                  25 boxes : 1m90 x 1m90
Min. surface area:   60cm around carpet
Installation:              indoor / outdoor