Interactive playground installation. No external electricity needed.


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Add some great stories to any playground

Kids love steering wheels

Spin the wheel and energize the KineticWheel. You will hear audio clips full of experiences! Always wanted to be a pilot? Sail the seas like a pirate? Experience the feeling of a driver in the cockpit? It’s all possible by using the KineticWheel.  You can use the KineticWheel as part of a large multi-play unit but it is also possible to create an attractive play corner by just using the KineticWheel and adding some elements, like a pirate flag or drawing the shape of an airplane on the ground. The possibilities are endless!

How does it work?

The KineticWheel comes in three models: ship, airplane or car. But think also about trains, fire trucks and other play vehicles. By spinning the steering wheel kids generate electricity and the installation will randomly play one of the audio clips. All three of the steering wheel variants come with a USB stick with their own sound clips. Would you rather play your own sound on the USB stick (disc-on-key)? Then simply record your own MP3 file(s)!

electronic playground
Interactive playground

Technical data

Audience:                3+
Certification:           NEN EN1176-1:2008
Height:                     1000 mm
Width:                      300 mm
Weight:                    42 kg
User friendly:          √
Registration use:    √
Human powered:  √
Audio:                      √
Time clock:              optional
Safety zone:            at least 150 cm

Interactive playground