The interactive swing: Experience collective music-making in this interactive art installation for all ages! The perfect addition to any interactive playground!

Interactive Swing

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Add music and lights to any park and playground

Interactive playground

How does it work?

Our interactive swing is one of our latest developments. Start swinging to generate Human Powered Energy, which in its turn produces music and an interactive light show. Can you swing fast enough to light up the swing all the way to the top? Both young and old will have a hard time to tear themselves away from this swing. Time to change the tunes? Simply open the service hatch and insert a USB stick with new songs and enjoy!

Easily change the audio 

It is very easy to change the audio content of the Interactive swing; all you need to do is to open the lid with the special key and change the USB stick (disc-on-key). It takes less than a minute. You can use Eduplaying's collections of pre recorded songs and stories but it is also possible to use your own content. Watch the reaction of kids and parents visiting the playground around Christmas and being surprised by the Christmas songs!

The centerpiece of any playground 

Children and adults will have a hard time to let go of this Interactive Swing. The Interactive Swing uses kinetic energy to produce awesome music accompanied by an interactive LED light show. Batteries and underground power cables are something from the past. The swinging motion generates all the energy you need. The industrial grade materials used and the durbale powder coating make sure that this swing will provide fun for years.

Technical data

Audience:                3+
Width:                      1790 mm
Heigth:                     2650 mm
Weight:                    450 kg
User friendly:         √
Human powered:  √
Audiovisual:           √
Time lock:               optional

interactive playground