Interactivec climber for playground, parks and schools

Interactive Climber

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Climb and Play

Playground Climber

How does it work?

Spin the wheel to generate Human Powered Energy. After a few spins it’s time to select one of several games. Play the games by following the light and by touching the seats! Music, LED lighting and push buttons create an incredible climbing adventure!

Climbing is one of the key elements for any successful playground. It’s an excellent way to play and develop physical and mental abilities for young and old.

Exciting and challenging

On a playground children are presented with exciting games while climbing. Excitement and challenging: that’s what the Kinetic Climber has in store for children and teenagers.

Technical data

Audience:                3+
Length:                    3325 mm
Width:                      1600 mm
Heitgh:                     2175 mm
Weight:                    450 kg
User friendly:         √
Human powered:  √
Audiovisual:           √
Time lock:               optional

Playground climber