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Learn about sustainable energy in a playful way

The centerpiece of your STEM playground

How does it work?

The fun starts immediately by spinning the handle to generate Human Powered Energy. This energy is used to fill the playground with beautiful music and stories! Both young and old just can’t resist giving the EnergyBall a spin.
The fun is endless!

Human powered

The EnergyBall is 100% self sustainable; no need for external electricity supply. The users generates the necessary electricity by spinning the cradle. The EnergyBall is an excellent example of sustainable green energy. The EnergyBall consists of no batteries. With the EnergyBall children learn about sustainable energy by doing!

Easily changeable audio content
Inside of the EnergyBall there’s a USB stick (disc-on-key) which holds all the music or stories. Simply open the lid with the special key, pull the USB stick out and put a different .mp3 file on it and now your EnergyBall has new content! Next to the USB stick there’s a volume knob. Installation of the EnergyBall is a breeze because there are no power cables or sockets needed, it works on Human Powered Energy!

Thousands of EnergyBalls all over the world 

In ten years we installed thousands of EnergyBalls all over the world. You won't regret your purchase for a moment!
You can install the EnergyBall stand-alone or as a centerpiece of your Energy and STEM playground!

Contact us if you're interested and get your own STEM EnergyBall!

Inclusive playing
The EnergyBall is also easy accessible for children in wheelchairs. There is no need to turn the crank 360 degrees, a slight movement back and forth is enough to generate the necessary electricity; therefore the EnergyBall can be perfectly operated by kids in wheelchairs.

Ready-to-go STEM audio content or your own production

The audio content can easily be updated, using a USB stick (disk-on-key) with MP3 files. The production of new audio content is very simple, using any regular computer or smartphone.

Local sales reps

We have local sales reps all over the world, including the US. This guarantees fast supply, installation and service.  

Contact us if you're interested and get your own STEM EnergyBall!

Technical data

Audience:                3+
Certification:           NEN EN1176-1:2008
Height:                     635 mm
Diameter:                395 mm
Weight:                    28 kg
User friendly:         √
Registration use:   √
Human powered:  √
Audio:                      √
Time clock:             optional


Eduplaying offers 3 years full guarantee on its products, except normal 'wear & tear'. The construction - all not-moving parts - is guaranteed for 7 years. Within the guarantee period Eduplaying supplies spare parts for free, not including transportation costs or installation. Damage and malfunction caused by vandalism, improper use or neglect of maintenance are excluded from the guarantee.