Interactive installation for teenager hangout, the DJ post

DJ Post

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Create a hangout for teenagers!

How does it work?

Turn the disc, keep turning! This generates energy. Put your phone on loudspeaker and put it in the designated area, under the protective hood. The DJ Post amplifies the sound from your smartphone! No Bluetooth or cables needed! The built-in tech picks up the sound of your smartphone automatically. It is always nice to listen to your own music. Every hangout needs one!

A great installation for any location!

Kids, teens and adults, everybody loves this interactive installation. The DJ Post creates an exciting atmosphere at any location, playground, park, schoolyard or boulevard.  You can find the DJ Posts all over the world, even at shopping centers and airports! 

Interactive DJ post

Technical data

Audience:                 10+
Certification:            EN 1176-7:2008
Height:                      975 mm
Width:                       300 mm
Weight:                     50 kg
User friendly:           √
Registration use:     √
Human powered:    √
Audio:                        √
Time lock:                 optional
Safety zone:             at least 150 cm

Interactive dj post


Eduplaying offers 3 years full guarantee on its products, except normal 'wear & tear'. The construction - all not-moving parts - is guaranteed for 7 years. Within the guarantee period Eduplaying supplies spare parts for free, not including transportation costs or installation. Damage and malfunction caused by vandalism, improper use or neglect of maintenance are excluded from the guarantee.