Custom Interactive installations for science centers, STEM education and playgrounds

Custom Interactive Playgrounds

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Design your own installations

Interactive installations according to your design

Now you have the possibility to design your own interactive installations and playgrounds. Using our modular system of interactive components we can help you to realize installations according to your own design. You don't have to worry about the mechanics and electronics, we take care of it. You can design one time custom playgrounds or realize your own 'off-the-shelf' interactive installations.

How does it work?

Eduplayings offers proprietary mechanics, electronics and software to use in your own projects. There are three possibilities:

- You tell us what kind of installation you like, we design and produce it

- With our help you design your own installation and we produce it

- You design the installation, we supply the IA components, you produce the installation yourself

With thousands of installations worldwide and over ten years of experience, our technology is very reliable and sustainable. Remember; no need for external electricity, your custom interactive installations will be 100% human powered! Of course we not only supply you with the necessary hardware components, but together with your team our game designers will realize the most exciting games for your installations!  

Working with our team

Our team and the team of our sister company Playnetic have extensive experience in cooperating with playground companies, landscape architects, artists and product designers to realize custom playground installations. We even produce components and installations for the largest playground companies. Because of our modular system we are able to realize your installations fast and cost effective.

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