Interactive playground installation for accessible playgrounds


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Human powered Audio explanation  

How does it work?

Spin to generate electricity! No batteries or external power supply needed, fully human powered. The AudioSense is specially designed for outdoor use: wind, rain, sun and snow proof. Music, stories, sounds, it plays whatever you like. The AudioSense has an unbelievable sound quality!

Accessible for children in wheelchairs

The AudioSense is accessible for children in wheelchairs; a slight movement of the crank generates already enough energy. This interactive installation is specially designed for accessible playgrounds. Watch the child in the wheelchair being the one operating the Audiosense while the other kids dance around; for a change the kid in the wheelchair is the center of attention!

Audio explanation

Use this AudioSense as an add-on to any outdoor science installation. The AudioSense can give explanation in an engaging, exciting way.  Optional, the AudioSense can be equipped with a smell generator! You can choose one of the existing smells we offer. You can also change it into any smell you desire.

Technical data

Audience:                3+
Certification:           NEN EN1176-1:2008
Width:                      170 mm
Diameter:                340 mm
Weight:                    23 kg
User friendly:         √
Registration use:   √
Human powered:  √
Audiovisual:           √
Time lock:               optional
Safety zone:           at least 150 cm