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Science education

How does it work?

Get inspired by our special Audionetic Poles. Imagine: a pole that tells Animal Fables. Or take our popular Jokes & Riddles Pole, that includes a database of hundreds of jokes and riddles. With the Trivia Quiz Pole you can offer your visitors an exciting knowledge quiz.  The Audionetic is often used in schools, science centers and interactive playgrounds. The Audionetic is an ecological audio player. Use it as an audio information post at any site of interest and in the nature. Add some interactive playground installations at your playground or schoolyard.

No electricity needed!

The Audionetic does not need any external electricity! By pumping the pedal the user generates the necessary electricity himself. This way the Audionetic can be installed at any location. The Audionetic is 100% save and completely ecological. 


Tell your story like a radio play, including sound effects. And just imagine: an interactive playground where children are provided with suggestions on plays and games via a spoken message. Or a trail through a park with beautiful designed Music Boxes. A Pole at a long queue for an attraction shortens the waiting time. Children can take the initiative themselves,and their parents can listen along. Educating, informative,relaxing & exciting.

Easy changing of the audio content

To change the content all it takes is changing the USB stick (disc-on-key) in the installation. Open the lid with the special key, change the USB stick and here you go! Eduplaying provides ready content which comes with the different models Audionetic. But it is also very easy to record your own songs or stories or to use any existing audio. Any plain MP3 audio file does the job! 

With thousands of installations all over the world you can be sure of the quality of our Audionetic!

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  • fables pole
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  • safe skating
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  • STEM content


Eduplaying offers different exciting Theme Trails. The Theme Trails come completely ready with designed Audionetics in the style of the theme and of course with the relevant audio content. Amongst others we offer the Classical Music Trail, the World History Trail and the popular Animal Trail. A Theme Trail can be a new attraction for your park.

Imagine a trail about classical music where at each 500 meters one finds an Audionetic with the name and look of a different composer. Each Audionetic contains different music tracks of the composer and a short story about the composer’s life. Or think about our World History trail, with beautiful designed Audionetics in the style of a certain period. Each Audionetic will contain different tracks, one track for each year. Your visitors will hear Churchill's voice and the famous words of the first man on the moon.

Each of the Theme Trails are completely ready. According to the length of the trail and your budget we define the number of Audionetics which will be placed next to the path. It’s also possible to add a Theme Quiznetic at the end of the trail, with an interactive quiz about the theme. If you like, it is possible to change the theme after a certain period. It is easy to change the designed tubes and the audio content and with a small investment you will have a completely new theme for your trail. A Theme Trail in your park is educational and great fun!

Technical data

Audience:                 4+
Certification:            NEN EN1176-1:2008
Height:                      908 mm
Diameter:                 300 mm
Weight:                     23 kg
User friendly:           √
Registration use:     √
Human powered:    √
Audio:                        √
Time lock:                 optional

Interactive playground


Eduplaying offers 3 years full guarantee on its products, except normal 'wear & tear'. The construction - all not-moving parts - is guaranteed for 7 years. Within the guarantee period Eduplaying supplies spare parts for free, not including transportation costs or installation. Damage and malfunction caused by vandalism, improper use or neglect of maintenance are excluded from the guarantee.