Human powered Interactive Playground installation with audio & smell: Audiosense

Audio Bench

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Sit back, swing and enjoy the music!

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How does it work?

The AudioBench is a unique bench designed for the public space. By simply sitting on it and swinging back and forth, music and sounds will start playing! Swinging on the AudioBench generates Human Powered Energy, this energy is used to produce the sounds and music! Classical Music, children’s songs or top 40 songs.

The AudioBench could also tell the story of your city or a piece of art, endless possibilities! Inside of the AudioBench there is a USB stick, volume knob and a switch to play the music in alphabetical order or random order. The USB stick holds all the music and sounds, by simply putting different .Mp3 audio files on the stick, your Audio Bench will start playing different audio tracks! It’s important to sometimes just sit down and relax!

audio information point
Audio information point

Technical data

Audience:               3+
Width:                     700 mm
Length:                   2463 mm
Weight:                   165 kg                                                             Height:                    868 mm
User friendly:         √
Human powered:  √

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