Musical parks and playgrounds


Musical parks and playgrounds are a trend in the playground industry. Therefor Eduplaying introduces a new concept: Musical parks with interactive music installations. Our equipment is designed to be fun, educational and accessible for all. We have a vision that all children, teenagers and adults can play and enjoy music together.

It is our goal that people with special needs feel as included as any other people. In our music parks, we combine outdoor musical instruments with interactive music installations. All the installations are durable. Outdoor play is healthy for everyone. It allows people to learn and interact with each other and their environment. A music park can unite a community. A series of 5 – 10 music installations turns any location into an amazing experience. Even the costs are attractive.Would you also like to plan an amazing music park? Please have a look at our music instruments and get inspired by our installations.

Have a look HERE for more information about the musical instruments.


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