Interactive playground in the Negev desert


interactive playground

What seems to be a dream became reality last summer. Recently a new park with an interactive playground was opened in the middle of the desert. The park measures 6000 square meters with an artificial lake with fish and ducks, bike trails, fountains, an amphitheater and a big playground area for all ages.

We are proud to be part of this interactive playground in the desert.  A teenager hangout with an interactive DJ installation, giant interactive climbing towers with human powered lights  and outdoor walky talky stations are just some of the features of the newest and largest recreational interactive park in the Negev desert provided by Eduplaying.

This interactive park is for all ages and consists also of accessible playground installations. The interactive playground will attract a lot of visitors from all the villages in the desert. Families will use this innovative playground and open space to hangout and play. The park is free and open all days of the week.

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Naftalie Hershler

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