Aldo van Eyck’s Iglo


Inspiring minimalistic playgrounds of the past by Dutch architect Aldo van Eyck.

When I grow up in Amsterdam in the 70’s I loved to play with an igloo shaped climber in our neighborhood. Next to it where tumbling bars and a concrete sandpit where I played for hours every day. No interactivity but I loved it – other times I suppose.

Picture of Iglo climber by Dutch architect Aldo van Ecyk

Only many years later, when I started to work in the playground industry, I found out who designed that playground and hundreds of others throughout Amsterdam. It was the Dutch Structuralist architect Aldo van Eyck, who not only designed playgrounds but also realized many buildings.

Van Eyck is one of the many architects who proved that a that a playground can be much more than just generic plastic structures placed randomly, constructed by simply flipping through the pages of play equipment catalogues. It is so important that we – designers, architects, city decision makers – realize the necessity of high quality playgrounds. That is exactly what we try to do at Eduplaying: creating interesting, inspiring playground installations using the interactivity of today’s technology.

Here you can read more about the playgrounds designed by Aldo van Eyk:

And here you can find a book about his pioneering playground design work:

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