The Interactive Swing is an interactive sound device that can be fastened on any swing chain and upgrades any old swing to a new

Interactive Swing

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Add interactivity to any existing swing!

How does it work?

The Interactive Swing is an interactive sound device that brings traditional swings into the digital age – encouraging children to spend more time playing outdoors. Furthermore, the Interactive Swing can be used to stimulate learning while playing outdoors. It can be fastened on any swing chain and offers staff at kindergartens and schools as well as community planners the possibility to upgrade play equipment to a new, exciting educational level.

Three different games included

The Interactive Swing includes three sound games — Applause, Concert and Beat — that can be played by children from a young age. After a certain time on the swing and/or when the child reaches a certain height he or she is rewarded, i.e. with applause. This motivates the child to stay on the swing in order to reach the next level, which may trigger the sound of a ringing bell or music.

Solar powered

The Interactive Swing runs on solar power which means there is no need for cables on the playground. The internally placed speakers are positioned downwards for best sound experience for the swinging child.

Interactive swing
Interactive swing

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Technical data

Audience:                3+
Certification:           NEN EN1176
Width:                      170 mm
Diameter:                340 mm
Weight:                    1.4 kg
User friendly:          √
Powered:                 Solar panel, recharging 20-30 hours

                                  Solar panels work even in cloudy conditions

​Battery capacity:    20+ hours on a fully charged battery

​Battery lifetime:     Estimated to last at least 2 years.

Audiovisual:            √
Components:         Durable, waterproof plastic cover. Solar cells

                                 covered with hardened glass. Built-in

                                 loudspeakers. Rechargeable batteries. PCB board.

Safety zone:           N/A


Eduplaying offers 3 years full guarantee on its products, except normal 'wear & tear'. The construction - all not-moving parts - is guaranteed for 7 years. Within the guarantee period Eduplaying supplies spare parts for free, not including transportation costs or installation. Damage and malfunction caused by vandalism, improper use or neglect of maintenance are excluded from the guarantee.