Interactive soccer playground installation for kids and teenagers. Encourages team play!


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The retractable, interactive BallPole 

How does it work?

The BallPole is an unique variation of the most popular sport ever: soccer. Any square or schoolyard can be used to play challenging ball games by people of any age. The moment you hit the BallPole of your opponent the BallPole will collapse. The variations of games are endless.  The BallPoll encourages free play and team play at the same time. It motivates kids, teenagers and families to get and stay outdoors and get some exercise while having great fun.

Retractable - ideal for multipurpose locations!

The BallPole is 100% retractable. With its strong construction, bikes and even cars can drive over the retracted BallPole without any problem. Therefore the BallPole is the ideal installation for any multipurpose square or field.


A serie of BallPoles makes the ideal parkour for skating or biking! 

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Technical data

Audience:               3+
Material:                 Polyethylene,  
                                 Magnetic stainless steel
Anchor:                   Concrete
Safety zone:           N/A