Outdoor electronic playground equipment with smart floor for educational games for family play

3D elements

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Interactive playing

How does it work?

The luminous 3D elements are made of EPDM (shock absorbing material). They are installed in play areas, and produce light and sounds when you walk on them. A space can integrate up to 10 elements to create playful and animated trails. All the 3D elements work with a solar totem. Function volumes and schedules are included. Our outdoor electronic playground equipment combines interactivity with movement and exercise.


EPDM Ball & Half Ball

Totem -Solar Post
Our totem embeds all the technology and is energy self-sufficient thanks to its solar panel or wind socket. It can be equipped with a Bluetooth receiver, allowing any user to connect to it and play his own music. The integrated electronic card allows the system intelligence, and has been designed for outdoor use, it is resistant to extreme temperatures and does not heat thus avoiding problems such as condensation. The speakers are of high quality and receive a signal from a pro amplifier for sound reproduction of high fidelity.

Technical data

Audience:                         2-10
Dimension:                      Height 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 60cm

Minimum surface area: 6m2
Weight:                             +/- 5 kg depending on size
Implantation:                   indoor / outdoor